I am assuming you have found this site because you were searching for ways to make 1 million dollars. Well, I was doing the same thing, and thus was created!

The goal here is to achieve, through the power of the internet, 1 million dollars. How you ask? well, I don't expect 1 person will give me 1 Million Dollars (though that would be absolutely AMAZING), nor do I expect 2 people to give me 5 Hundred Thousand Dollars (which would be equally as amazing). What I do hope for, is if 1 Million People can give me 1 Dollar. Whats 1 Dollar really? You wouldnt be able to buy anything really in todays day and age with 1 measely dollar, so.. Give it to me, please!

What will I do with the money once I reach 1 Million Dollars? Well, to be honest, I don't really know. What I do know is that (a) It would be AWESOME and (b) I'd be pretty freakin happy!

So, How can you contribute to my 1 Million Dollar goal? Well, you can either click on the image to your left and contribute live through there, or, if you would like to contribute anonymously, you can do that as well by simply clicking below!

If you'd like to contact me, and arrange other methods of contributing, you can get in contact with me by sending me an email to "thanks <@>"

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Live Goal Updates:

June 1, 2013
$1.00 balance, hoping for the next $1.00 (or more) donation! Only $999,999 to go!